Back-up Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data protection, backup and recovery are critical to modern businesses, yet many companies still use outdated tape systems to backup their most important data, and some don’t backup at all. Both camps test an unforgiving fate: among businesses who lose their computer data for 10 days or more, 50 percent will file for bankruptcy in a matter of days. If a business survives that, they still have a 90% chance of filing in the coming year. Not a situation you want to be in.
If you’re like a majority of small and midsize companies, you depend on your business data being accessible and protected. You likely use desktop and laptop computers and other electronic hardware and software to run much of your business including sales, customer relations, marketing, accounting and inventory. Without a proper data backup and recovery plan in place, you risk losing the data that drives your business forward.
The good news is it has never been easier and more cost-effective to set up a data protection plan that safeguards computer data and guarantees your business’ continuity in the case of a data emergency.

NetResults: San Diego’s data protection and recovery experts

Every business is different, and as a result we provide an array of data security services that can protect your business from the perils of data loss. Whether your organization needs data backup for just one computer system or many, each of our packages offer the scalability your business needs.

  • Data backup: Defend critical data in your business’ computers, servers and other electronic devices.
  • Business has to upgrade or replace a phone system
  • Data protection and access: Shield critical information from hackers and theft with state of the art encryption; secure your organization’s technology infrastructure; recover business data records using a data protected web portal.
  • Data Recovery: Recover lost data in record time and get back to work in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days.

At NetResults, we give you trouble-free, fast and trusted computer data protection, exceptional customer support, and industry leading data recovery in the San Diego County area. Get the piece of mind that comes with having your business’ data protected by contacting NetResults for a free evaluation of your data backup and recovery needs.