Cloud Computing/ Hosted Servers /Data Center Hosting

During the years NetResults has operated in this datacenter, our client services have never been interrupted by site failures. Power and heating and cooling services have never failed us. Our clients couldn’t possibly build a better data center with this level of redundancy and most important regularly scheduled maintenance and testing which is rigorously monitored.

Our Network

  • We use a managed Tier 1 Network.
  • Failovers for routers and firewalls are included.
  • All of our hardware is manufactured by Cisco, a leader in this space.

Our Site Electricity

  • Our entire site has the support of a backup generator.
  • Generators have a minimum 24 hours of additional support with a maximum of two hours for additional fuel to be delivered.
  • A four-hour battery is also available as a redundancy measure.


  • Facilities temperature is maintained at 72 degrees.
  • Humidity is kept between 30 and 60 percent.
  • Additional cooling is provided by a system underneath the floors for added control.

Threat Preparedness

  • Our data centers are monitored around the clock.
  • Camera surveillance is in place throughout the area.
  • Staff is required to use badges and security codes to access the building.

In Case of Emergency

  • Facilities detect leaks through a system hidden beneath the floor.
  • Sensors for heat and smoke are implemented in various locations.
  • Sprinklers are in place in areas housing electrical hardware.


  • Any down events trigger an instant response from our team of IT in San Diego.
  • Data backups are stored at a third-party location for purposes of physical recovery.