Google Apps for Business

Google Apps helps businesses work smarter

Now more than ever, San Diego IT departments are abandoning platforms such as Exchange and Lotus in favor of Google Apps for business. During NetResults’ IT consulting with San Diego businesses, we’ve been able to educate our clients on just what platform is best for them. We heavily endorse Google Apps for business, and here’s why.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest factors pushing organizations towards Google Apps is the cost. No hardware or special software is needed, as Google Apps resides completely on the web. Research suggests that the total cost of maintaining Google Apps is less than a third of similar solutions, such as Exchange or Lotus Notes. From a user perspective, the transition can be simplified as Outlook’s interface can be used for Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar.

Endless Storage

Storage with Google Apps isn’t really unlimited, but the 25 gigabytes allotted to employees is vastly greater than competitors. By taking the focus off of maintaining inboxes and keeping them below a certain threshold, your employees are free to focus their attention on their work. Productivity increases instantly thanks to the generous storage amount.

Accessible Anywhere

Cost isn’t the only benefit of having everything stored on the web. By not having to access a proprietary server or use a specialize desktop application, Google Apps is easy to access from almost anywhere. Support for iOS and Android is available, as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile. The presence of so many options makes computer networking in San Diego a simple and worry-free process.


An impressive 99.9 percent uptime is boasted by Google Apps for business. The secret to this success is in the data centers. Multiple data centers receive copies of everything transmitted through Google Apps, meaning that if one becomes available, another one simply fills its place. This happens in the background and is invisible to the end user, so you’ll never have to worry about it.

Support Options

In the rare event that you do need support, help is always just a phone call or mouse button click away. Email is available for routine support requests, and more serious issues have the option of phone support. There is also a fantastic suite of self-help tools available at no cost.