On-Going Relationship Management

On-Going Relationship Management
Quarterly Business Reviews sometimes Simply Referred to as Q.B.R.’s.

On-going relationship management is one of the differentiating factors that makes NetResults such an asset to your organization. After the initial meetings and proposals, we’ll continue to work with you by providing quarterly business reviews. These reviews will help to guide the relationship between your organization and NetResults moving forward, as well as provide key discussion points when communicating progress on any ongoing projects.

Best of all, the business reviews provided by our company are a free service – you pay nothing for them. They’re a way for us to maintain open communication channels. You stay in the loop, and NetResults provides computer services that San Diego businesses find great value in.

By receiving these business reviews on a quarterly basis, your company is sure to be up-to-date on critical happenings with its IT. The frequency is perfect, as providing them quarterly allows enough time to lapse on new projects while not waiting too far out from the start date. It’s difficult to speak too highly of how important these reviews are.

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