Proposals / I.T. Roadmap

This is where NetResults’ engagement process comes together. A comprehensive, executive-level report is presented in-person. The findings are invariably comprehensive – from each desktop, server, application, and business process – a strong attempt is made to create a road-map for stability, security, and way to add value in the most efficient way possible. NetResults by no means looks to over-engineer small and medium-sized business networks – through the use of managed services, Senior-Level staff with years of experience; NetResults looks to communicate and mold a plan to reduce the total cost of ownership of a computer network system and find ways to create value (through savings and prudent enhancements) to help our clients succeed.
This can be considered the first Quarterly Business Review of the status of the network system, how it is performing in relation to client needs and what areas of interest may be on the horizon for long-term planning (no longer should network management be a break/fix environment that is simply a drain on the profits of a company). Endless references are available in many industry verticals to support NetResults’ ability to provide this level of service.
Where proposals are presented at this stage, they act as an executive-level decision-making toolset for items that need more immediate attention. This is also where we begin to look at reducing costs through preemptive management and best practices.
The long-term plan(s) where appropriate include items that need attention in the near- or long-term. Proposal will include system information, potential vulnerabilities and recommendations. Initial proposals are typically delivered during an executive-level meeting involving key client and NetResults personnel after a thorough discussion and System Discovery has been performed.

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