You don’t have to be a huge corporation with limitless resources to enjoy the power of a dedicated data center. The secret is virtualization. NetResults is a San Diego IT company that specializes in virtualization for small- and medium-sized businesses. Every day, we help businesses like yours cut costs, improve productivity and enjoy the other exciting benefits of virtualization.

The primary goal of virtualization is to do more with less. This is done with enterprise-class server systems and other exceptional equipment that allows you to allocate and control hardware resources more effectively. Virtualization saves money, provides unparalleled access to resources and offers superior ease of management.

Companies often start investigating virtualization for these and other reasons:

  • To cut IT costs by virtualizing workstations and servers
  • To avoid relocation after running out of room for new servers or server racks
  • To keep downtime and costs low when moving to a co-location provider
  • To achieve faster, more flexible and more portable disaster recovery
  • To achieve granular yet centralized server network management capabilities
Which Companies can Benefit the Most?

NetResults helps small- and medium-sized businesses make the most of virtualization. However, virtualization provides benefits for all organizations. Whether your company relies on a single server or several, it is sure to benefit enormously from virtualization.

Our IT consultants in San Diego will show you how virtualization can enhance productivity and slash costs and how it can provide immediate benefits. What’s even better is that virtualization becomes even more advantageous as more servers are added. Ultimately, it’s even possible to achieve a 10-to-1 virtual-to-physical server ratio. You can expect to continue to enjoy increasing benefits as your company grows, so this is an investment that will continue to pay off over the long term.

If you are looking for exceptional computer networking in San Diego and want to explore the possibilities of virtualization, NetResults is the name to trust. We will analyze your existing setup to develop the results you need. Storage area networks, or SANs, are more affordable than ever. The same is true about enterprise-class blade server systems. Regardless of your budget, you should be able to reap many exciting benefits from virtualization.

Through virtualization, your company can enjoy a private cloud computing environment that will transform the way you do business. Your server will be easy to duplicate, fully archived, exceptionally portable, easy to restore and highly available. Why settle for less? Find out what our San Diego IT services can do for you by contacting us today.