VOIP Phone Solutions

NetResults, a leading San Diego IT company, offers first-rate VoIP services that allow small- and medium-sized businesses to increase productivity and enhance profitability. We’ve partnered with a leading IP-based phone system provider to allow our clients to make the most of this incredible technology.
Business owners often fail to realize that the quality of their VoIP services is largely dependent on the quality of their data networks. If a company’s internal infrastructure isn’t capable of handling the demands of an IP-based phone system, quality and reliability will suffer. When businesses give up on VoIP, it’s often because they haven’t had IT consultants in San Diego analyze their existing infrastructure.

If you’d like to make the switch to VoIP, it pays to hire NetResults. In addition to offering computer services in San Diego, we can install and configure a top-notch IP-based phone system for your business. Before we do a thing, we will analyze your existing data network and infrastructure to ensure that it is capable of handling the additional demands of VoIP.

Should You Make the Switch?

There’s never been a better time to switch to an IP phone system. As long as it’s configured correctly, this type of system will increase productivity and cut costs. It will also allow you to focus on what matters: running your business.
Any time is a good time to switch to VoIP. With NetResults’ IT support in San Diego, you will be up and running in no time. Businesses typically make the switch when they are:

  • Replacing or upgrading existing phone systems
  • Relocating
  • Growing rapidly
  • Adding branch offices
  • Coping with several phone systems and want to switch to a unified system instead

What are the Benefits of IP Phone Systems?

IP-based phone systems bring many exciting benefits to the table:

  • Cheaper phone bills
  • Easy-to-manage phone sets.
  • Ability to log on to any phone in the office
  • No expensive phone system to buy
  • Internet and telephone charges are combined
  • Highly scalable
  • Fixed monthly costs

With NetResults’ IT services in San Diego, you can hit the ground running with your IP phone system.